Birds of a feather

As in the case of most other minority groups, lefties in general – and lefty musicians among them – have their own online places where they can choose to hang together to talk about all things lefty: discussion forums.

In my experience – admittedly limited to English-speaking forums – we have the option to join a dedicated lefty musicians forum or post in a section or a subforum dedicated to lefties within a more generic music forum. Of course, we can also do both at the same time, and righties who are interested in the topic can obviously join in.

While dedicated lefty forums can feel cosy, comfortable and protective, the number of their members tends to be far smaller than any equivalent non-handed forum, resulting in limited activity, which may at times allow things to go a bit stale.

Being part of a niche group of musicians in the context of a less specialised musicians forum sometimes works out better, as it allows us to visit our corner while still belonging in the bigger picture and taking part in any other discussion without leaving the website. On the other hand, ‘our corner’ may become a bit cliquey and isolated.

The largest bass forum in the English-speaking world, Talkbass, doesn’t seem to have any section or subforum dedicated to left-handed players. I have only been able to find a number of individual threads created by lefties within regular subforums, for instance the following: under Bass Guitars, and under Double Bass.

Talkbass’s counterpart in Europe, Basschat, has recently created a special subsection for all thing lefty as part of its Bass Guitars forum:
Basschat’s Marketplace also has a special Lefty For Sale section:

There is, of course, also an online forum dedicated completely to lefty bassists. It has a rather (to me at least) disconcerting home page photo of a lefty bass strung righty…! But otherwise it really feels like home. I am a member, but I wish I had lots of extra time to spend there… has a Marketplace as well as many sections purely dedicated to discussion of all things lefty.

Another specialised lefty forum is, which has a section for electric instruments other than guitars:

I have also found several Facebook groups dedicated to left-handed musicians, but only one of my English-language finds is exclusively for bassists: I have joined it and keep an eye on new posts while I’m doing work on FB.
There is also an Italian equivalent, which is more buy-and-sell oriented than the UK group:

I am following several left-handed-related accounts on Twitter, but I haven’t been able to find one specifically for lefty bassists or even simply lefty musicians. Perhaps I should start one…

To end this section, I think I really need to mention two German sites – also available in English – dedicated to all things lefty basses. and
Although neither appears to be very lively, I would join the communities if there were – erm – at least 48 hours in the day. Heh. 🙂


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