Left-handed musician? Good luck…

We know that being left-handed in a world where nearly 90% of humans are right-handed can be – shall we say – challenging, but is your lot any better, or worse, if you are a musician?

On these pages I don’t intend to deal with left-handedness in general terms. I’m a lefty bassist and I’m on a journey to discover how other musicians – particularly bassists – who are in my situation feel, cope with the challenges we face, and react to our specific problems and the criticism, prejudice or hostility we sometimes experience.

My starting point will be a certain amount of online research on a number of chosen themes linked to left-handedness in music; I’m planning to present my best finds here, comment on them on the basis of my own experience, then ask readers to add their own two cents (or full-fledged written contributions if they prefer), and help make this a really valuable shared resource for all of us.

Jump on board if you like what you’ve read so far! 🙂


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